Daniel Hasulyo won the SUP 11 city tour 2017 with 220 kms in 4 days through Friesland in front of his defending champion brother Bruno Hasulyo finishing second who won a few weeks ago the ISA Long Distance World Title in Denmark. In third position came Martino Rogai from Italy who just left team Infinity and rode on a Starbord Sprint as the Hasulyo brothers did.

Normally a 5 day-220 km race through the Dutch canals was reduced to four days due to rough weather on the first day. The distance was maintained the same by tweaking a bit the course for the 4 remaining days in cold and rainy weather for the main event.

As many say, a life changing event.

Men’s Elite

1. Daniel Hasulyo (HUN) 17 hrs 58 mins
2. Bruno Hasulyo (HUN)18 hrs 1 min
3. Martino Rogai (ITA)  18 hrs 18 mins

Also huge congrats to Dream Team SUP hellman Bart de Zwart (also the SUP Dream Team’s manager) who did before the normal event the nonstop category which consists in doing the 5-day course without stopping (See article here) and finished third and then started the following day the normal race to finally win the Open Men’s division.

Men Open:

1. Bart De Zwart (HOL)
2. Jano Rodrigues
3. Caio Vaz (BRA)

For more info:

http://sup11citytour.com/  or https://www.facebook.com/sup11citytour/


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