Ambitionierte Fahrer werden sich über die neue kompakte Outline der PRO Boards freuen. Echtes “Surf Feeling” mit jeder Menge Kontrolle, Drehfreudigkeit und Grip.

Available Technologies

Key features


– Feels more compact and maneuverable to pivot without the nose catching through the turns.

– Feels more stable despite being shorter due to less curve to rock from nose to tail.

“The new shorter nose shape made a night and day difference in the added performance.” Sean Poynter 

dünne & scharfe Rails

– für extra Kontrolle und Drehpotential

– minimaler Druckeinsatz beim „Rail to Rail“ umlegen

– die Rails sitzen tiefer im Wasser und sorgen für Stabilität


– verhindert dass sich die Rails beim „Rail to Rail“ umlegen im Wasser „fangen“

– mehr Kontrolle


ultra schnelle Reaktion in der Welle, beim „Take-Off“ und bei engen Turns.


flache Standfläche für extra Stabilität



– konstante Rocker Line für eine tolle Kombination aus Geschwindigkeit und Wendigkeit

– „Nose Rocker“ verhindert auch in steilen Wellen einen „Nose Dive“

– „Tail Kick“ für spielend leichte Turns


„Lift, Drive und Kontrolle“


– sorgt für Speed, Grip und Drive in Manövern



– „Quad“ und „Thruster“ Setup sind möglich – so kannst du dein „Pro“ Board gemäß den Bedingungen oder deinen Vorlieben tunen

– Die Finnen sind nahe an den Rails positioniert – das sorgt für jede Menge Kontrolle

-„V Bottom Shape“ für spielend leichtes „Rail to Rail“ umlegen



• Geringstes Gewicht – stabilste Bauweise – Umweltschutz

• “Gold Level” im Eco Board Project

• Verstärkte Rails mit natürlichen, unidirektionalen Flachsfasern (aus Europa)

• Mehrere Verstärkungen im Standbereich, sowie an Nose und Heck für erhöhte Schlagfestigkeit


• Kratzfestes Carbon Innegra Rail

• Verschiedene Fiberglas Schichten – extra Stabilität

• Standfläche in “Australian Pine” Laminat



Model8'10'' x 29'' PRO XL8'10'' x 29'' PRO8'3'' x 29'' PRO7'10'' x 29'' PRO7'10'' x 28'' PRO7'5'' x 26.75'' PRO7'3'' x 26'' PRO7'0'' x 24'' PRO
Length (imperial)8'10''8'10''8'3''7'10''7'10''7'5''7'3''7'0''
Length (cm)269.2 cm269.2 cm251.5 cm238.8 cm238.8 cm226 cm221 cm213.4 cm
Width (imperial)29''29''29''29''28''26.75''26''24''
Width (cm)73.7 cm73.7 cm73.7 cm73.7 cm71.1 cm67.9 cm66 cm61 cm
Thickness (imperial)4.7''4.4''4.1''4.0''3.9''4.1''3.8''3.4''
Thickness (cm)11.9 cm11.2 cm10.4 cm10.2 cm9.9 cm10.4 cm9.7 cm8.6 cm
Tail Width (Imperial)16.9''17.0''17.7''17.7''17.0''16.7''17.1''16.8''
Tail Width (cm)42.9 cm43.2 cm45.0 cm45.0 cm43.2 cm42.4 cm43.4 cm42.7 cm
Volume143 L131 L110 L104 L102 L92 L83 L66 L
Rider Weight80-115 kg70-95 kg65-90 kg60-85 kg55-80 kg50-75 kg40-70 kg30-65 kg
Fin Set UpThruster and QuadThruster and QuadThruster and QuadThruster and QuadThruster and QuadThruster and QuadThruster and QuadThruster and Quad
FinsCenter: 140 / Side: 4.5''Center: 140 / Side: 4.5''Center: 120 / Side: 4.5''Center: 120 / Side: 4.5''Center: 120 / Side: 4.5''Center: 120 / Side: 4.5''Center: 120 / Side: 4.5''Center: 120 / Side: 4.5''
Weight Blue Carbon7.5 kg (Est)7.3 kg (Est)6.4 kg (Est)6.2 kg (Est)6.3 kg (Est)5.9 kg (Est)5.4 kg (Est)4.9 kg (Est)
Weight Starlite8.3 kg (Est)8.5 kg (Est)7.7 kg (Est)7.5 kg (Est)7.4 kg (Est)---
Bottom ShapeMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tailMono-concave with curve at the tail


7’0″ X 24″ PRO

“The immediate difference I felt on the 7’0” was an increase in stability. On my first wave I felt speed similar to what the Hyper Nut generates off the bottom, while the top turn felt much more fluid with speed and power over my previous 7’2”. 

The 2018 7’2” was the board I rode to win the World Championship in 2016, so it’s a huge progression that 019 is that much ahead in performance. I’m stoked to compete on it for the upcoming season.” Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

7’3″ X 26″ PRO

“I’ve spent a lot of time & energy testing the new 019 Pro ranges. The new 7’3” has an easier balance on the water with a controlled rock back and forth, is closer to the water and more consistent in terms of stability. I really like how the new model during top turns has an exciting release and pivot in the lip with faster redirections. Another big difference is during backside bottom turns where the board drives so hard and propels me into the lip, allowing me to have a great top turn.  The roundhouse of the new 7’3” felt really controlled & smooth. On the re-entry it has a slight release in the tail, which makes it fun. The new thinner rails definitely help engage speed without hang-ups driving down the face and redirecting up the wave.” Sean Poynter

7’5″ X 26.75″ PRO

“Compared to the previous generation of Pro boards, it generates more speed on the wave, has more grip and drive in the bottom turns and allows for better projection on the wave face. All in all it delivers the most lively and precise feeling experienced on a SUP wave board.” 

“The new 7’5” generates more speed on the wave, more grip and drive in the bottom turns. All this without loosing lateral and longitudinal stability while paddling: it felt as stable despite being shorter.”  Franz Orsi

7’5″ X 26.75″ PRO

“The 7’5” became one of my favorite boards, as it has a really exciting ride from the release & quickness of turns. The new shorter nose shape made a night and day difference in the added performance. It made me think I was riding a completely different board! I was ripping the shorter nose outline as it makes the board feel smaller and clearly more maneuverable without getting caught up on the nose.” Sean Poynter

7’10″ X 29″

 “The 7’10” has more grip and bite through turns and allowed me to push stronger off the bottom to set up for my top turns. Stability also felt better and absorbed the wind chop for a more controlled glide.

The 019 Pro range makes it possible to ride shorter boards that are precise and more responsive. Speed down the line is faster, with a greater control and hold from the thinner rails.” Ollie O’Reilly

8’10″ X 29″ PRO

“The new 8’10” was much better in performance over the previous 9’0” model. The board was loose if you wanted it to be through turns, yet so easy to push off the bottom with speed and power.

I had so much more fun and excitement generated from the channeled tail & lower volume rails. We surfed until sunset with grinning smiles, it was an easy and obvious winner!” Ollie O’Reilly 

8’10″ X 29″ PRO XL

“The XL with the added volume from the thickness in the standing area makes for an ultra stable but high performance wave board. The board catches waves easily and is reactive when linking top to bottom turns. At 90+ kg this board lets me save energy from the added volume so I can spend longer out in the waves!” Agung Surya Putra

8’3″ X 29″ PRO

“A major transformation in design and concept has the new Pro boards looking like an altogether deferent beast. What struck me first was that the board accelerated much quicker on the drop allowing the board to release from the water sooner. This simply allows the rider to starting initiating the turn much sooner and starting to setup for the next move. The earlier speed is then controlled through the top turn with the channel bottom providing more grip so that power can be pushed through the tail. Even though the board is a touch shorter and has lost a couple of litres it feels similar in stability to previous versions.Marco Gribi