StoriesSustainability The-Plastic-Offset-Program-Starboard-Sustainability-Initiative-2021-Masks-From-POP-Clean-Up

The Plastic Offset Program

50,000 KG of plastic trash has been collected from the beaches in Thailand by Starboard’s Plastic Offset Program team. Another Year. Another Record Broken for POP This huge goal has come from Starboard’s target to collect 1.4 kg per each board produced. Starboard taxes ourselves internally to allow us to pay our very own Plastic…

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Stories Tiki-SUP-Challenge---Everyone-Can-SUP-feature

Tiki SUP Challenge – Everyone Can SUP

Tiki SUP Challenge for Zero to Hero. You are all welcome! Kids, family, first-timers or athletes. Paddle to challenge your limit. SUP Clinic with World Champion Daniel Hasulyo A fantastic opportunity to train with Starboard world champions! Fun Race Team building games. Make friends, more fun. Different Locations, Diverse Challenges Challenge your paddle skills to…

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Stories Get-on-board-with-your-SUP-Pup-Starboard-paddle-boarding-bailey

Get On Board With Your SUP Pup

Let’s be honest, doing sport is better with some company. So, what’s better than your four-legged-friend? Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the fastest-growing water sports. This is because it is relatively easy to learn and requires minimal equipment. That’s why teaching your dog to ride with you won’t be too challenging. Our advice is,…

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Stories Foil-With-Us-to-Paris-and-LA-Olympics-dream-team-olympic-rings

Foil With Us to Paris and LA Olympic Games

Starboard’s windsurfing designs were just awarded with 2 Olympic disciplines towards the Paris and LA Olympic Games. Our next goal is to work with clubs and associations worldwide to strengthen Junior and Youth Windsurfing.   It’s a tremendous responsibility and the most exciting challenge yet for our Starboard group. We are here to help redefine…

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Stories Starboard-Hard-Paddle-Board-R&D---connor-baxter-and-ollie-o-reilly-feature

Starboard’s Hard Paddle Board R&D

Winning more stand up paddling race and surf constructors titles than any other brand over the last 10 years is a testament to Starboard’s immensely rigorous hard paddle board R&D program. For us, good enough is simply not enough. Together with our World Champion team riders, talented product developers and world-class shapers we aim to…

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Stories Behind-the-Making-of-SUP-Paddles-worker-pressing-moulds

Behind the Making of SUP Paddles

Ever wondered how paddle board paddles are made? Get a glimpse through this photo story of behind the making of SUP paddles. Starboard has over the years built hundreds of thousands of paddles, we see this as good training.     „Good enough is not enough“     We have learned that “good enough is…

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