How To SUP Yoga Tree Pose

Kelly Huck from SoCal Paddle Yoga gives us these handy tips & benefits on how to SUP yoga Tree Pose. Practicing balancing poses in yoga, such as Tree Pose, will help you gain both physical and mental steadiness and poise. Tree Pose improves focus and posture. How to SUP yoga Tree Pose (top down): Don’t look down Stand up straight Use your paddle…

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How To SUP Yoga Balancing Table Top Pose

Balancing Table Pose improves balance, focus, and coordination. Builds core strength and lengthens the spine. SUP Yoga Balancing Table Top Pose Benefit: Balance, focus and coordination SUP Yoga pose tips: Begin on your hands and knees, lift the right leg up parallel to the board – leg straight with the toe pointing down. Slowly lift…

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