SafetyTeam Staying-Safe-Cold-Weather-Paddling-Tips

Staying Safe | Cold Weather Paddling Tips

Winter can be a beautiful time to paddle, but cold water is also extremely dangerous. Dream Team member and Canadian expedition paddler Bruce Kirkby shares what it takes to be prepared for any condition… To begin, ‘cold’ is a relative term, and there is no set temperature (of either water or air) when paddleboarding abruptly…

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BeginnerHow To VideosPaddle how to avoid SUP paddle clamp damage

How To Take Care Of Paddle Clamp

In this video, you will learn how to take care of your Starboard adjustable paddle clamp to prevent damage and breakage.   The Starboard adjustable paddles make use of a sturdy plastic clamp which allows the shaft of the paddle to be easily lengthened or shortened. This feature makes storage and transport of your paddle…

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AdvancedRacing Techniques Used In Paddle Board Racing

Techniques Used In Paddle Board Racing

If you’re new and getting into SUP racing, you’re probably looking for ways to improve your performance and results. Practice these techniques used in paddle board racing to up your game:   Race Paddle Stroke Technique The race stroke requires you to really engage your core muscles and use your weight to maximize the power…

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Sustainability The Benefits Of Bio-resin

The Benefits Of Bio-resin

Starboard has ditched the usual chemical resin in favour of a bio-based alternative with 35% of its molecular structure originating from plants. The benefits of bio-resin include: reduced carbon footprint reduced toxicity in manufacturing reduced reliance on fossil fuels responsibly sourced from renewable bio-materials This plant-based, low/zero VOC epoxy resin still maintains Starboard’s superior performance…

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Sustainability Buy a Board, Plant a Tree

Buy a Paddle Board, Plant a Tree

For every Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) sold, Starboard is planting 1 mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar absorbing one ton of CO2 over 20 years. Live a deep blue life with Starboard. Visit our environmental website to learn more about Starboard’s Sustainability Programs.

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Sustainability Save The Planet With a Starboard Re-cover Bag Waste-2-Wear

Save The Planet With a Starboard Re-cover Bag

Save the planet with a Starboard Re-cover Bag! did you know our inflatable stand up paddle board (SUP) bags are made from Waste2Wear fabric?   Here’s how we do it: Post-consumer plastic bottles are collected Cleaned and ground into flakes Transformed in plastic pellets Spun into yarn Made into Waste2Wear fabric The fabric is then…

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SafetyTouring SUP Expedition Safety - Always Wear A Leash with Bart de Zwart

SUP Expedition Safety: Always Wear A Leash

World-renowned ultra-distance sup racer, explorer starboard team rider Bart de Zwart gives us this important safety-first sup expedition tip: always wear a leash! So why wear a leash? the leash is the most essential piece of gear to have on before we get on the water for a stand up paddleboarding (SUP) paddle, whether it’s…

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