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What are you doing to help keep the water clean:
Following the initiative Zane set forth like  #pocketofplasticchallenge and the STB initiative of a world cleanup. For me it’s been years of not applying sunscreen! Finding shade is a good starting place. When sun is a must, I use long sleeves and a hat with that I prefer crushed rock and freeze dried cherries as a totally natural and good for you sunBlock. It’s made by Eminence. Internally I take BioAstin from Nutrex Hawai’i a totally natural sunBlock, Hawaiian Astaxanthin it’s very good for me in several ways and has positively affected my life over the last decade plus. #itakebioastin #deepbluelife

Why did you choose Starboard:
Easy, they are the best! With their innovative shapes and building solutions I was highly attracted from the beginning. Now it’s a life long choice & I couldn’t be prouder of. STB rules!

What do you do when you are not paddling:
Think about paddling. Actually had the F word banned from our home because I dropped the word Foil too many times.  Aside from that it’s adventures daily and working the camera. I do also make some bamboo paddles and alaia boards for use and display.

Anything you want to tell us:
It’s imperative we come together on the idea of sustainability, the countdown has begun and for the sake of our children and future generations we need to act responsibly. Use a travel mug and order food and beverage with minimal waste even if it’s so called eco. Use your device to daily learn facts about food, waste, and other life hacks. Do you really need to so called save money with buying cheap things or is it better to spend more money up front for quality that lasts longer?! Think of where it all goes when we are finished with ‘trash’, it doesn’t just go away. The information is out there it’s just up to us every day in every choice to do what’s best for the environment, it’s our only environment.

+ Info

Favorite discipline: Foil Surf
Favorite Places: Home and away where the surf let’s you play.

Living in: Hawaii, Big Island
Hobbies: building electric hydrofoils, prototypes, cars and bikes. Making music and videos. Basically anything fun gets me going!

Other Sponsors: Kaenon, Nutrex Hawai’i, Kona Boys, Navitas Organics, Sustainable Surf

Contact info

Hawaii, USA

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