SafetyTouring SUP Expedition Safety - Always Wear A Leash with Bart de Zwart

SUP Expedition Safety: Always Wear A Leash

World-renowned ultra-distance sup racer, explorer starboard team rider Bart de Zwart gives us this important safety-first sup expedition tip: always wear a leash! So why wear a leash? the leash is the most essential piece of gear to have on before we get on the water for a stand up paddleboarding (SUP) paddle, whether it’s…

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Safety How-to-wear-a-leash-01

How To Wear A Leash

  How to wear a leash:   Wrap the leash cuff around your ankle Secure cuff with velcro strap Make sure it is tight Important: always wear a leash   View the range of SUP Starboard Leashes that will match your style

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RacingRiverSafetySurfing Types of Paddle Board Leashes -waist calf ankle - starboard sup

Types of Paddle Board Leashes

    A leash is an essential part of your paddle boarding gear, but with so many types of SUP leashes on the market, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. This handy infographic will break it down each category type of SUP leash by waist, calf or ankle attachment point.  …

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BeginnerSafety SUP Tips How To Carry Your Paddle Board

SUP Tips: How To Carry Your Paddle Board

    Here are some quick SUP Tips How To Best Carry Your Paddle Board for short distances:   Stand on the windward side of your board, holding the board on the downwind side of your body Use your second hand to control your board when it’s windy Hold the paddle board by the centre…

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