After Shakira’s incredible victory last year in pumping surf in Fiji, it was very difficult and different conditions that she faced this year in Cold Hawaii. But she powered through and demonstrated the incredible range of her SUP Surfing to claim her second ISA World title and the second Gold medal for the Tiki Team here in Denmark.

Here are a few words from Australia’s finest SUP Surfer !

What drives you:

I love to challenge myself in everything I do. You can never be an expert, you can only continue to learn and improve.

Morning thoughts on the final day:

It felt kind of weird this year because of no repechage rounds, so had toprepare for the 1 day. It was strange because it was so cold and I wasworried about staying warm all day and conserving energy. We had to surf4 times to get to the final, so you have to mentally prepare for the dayahead, wetsuits, when to change or stay in the one your wearing, makesure to have enough food and water so you dont have to worry about that.I like to think about winning when I wake up.

On winning the 2017 world title:

I was speechless when they said it over the speaker. I knew I was winningearly on in the heat but the last 5 minutes seemed like it went for aneternity. I was so happy when the hooter went and I won.

It was so quiet in the water it was so surreal but i was just laughingat myself and so happy. Then to come in the beach and everybody wasstoked, that was awesome!

I think mental preparation is so important. If you have a negativeheadspace because of the waves or personal reasons or whatever it caneffect how you surf. I like to imagine doing good moves on good waves andwinning. I dont particularly train for mental preparation I just seem todo it and it gives you a strong belief in yourself and your abilities.Being relaxed is good! Yoga is good for that and also doing things thatmake you happy.

The perfect day :

Wake up and do yoga, then coffee, surf with friends, lunch, another surf then a couple of beers. Then an early night so I can get up and do it allagain the next day.

ISA and the Olympics?

The ISA run great events. I like what the try and promote within thecountries. I have made many life long friends from these events. Itsalways fun and great competition. I hope SUP is in the olympics but Imight be to old by then haha…. we will see!!


Ummm a good beer is great for hydration…. haha! Its always nice to havea beer after a good surf to relax. But otherwise I eat a pretty wellbalanced diet. A bit of everything. I love seafood and bananas….. notat the same time though.

Danish beer:

I tried a few different beers over there. They were all pretty good. I like to try different beers wherever I go.

Most important:

Surfing is pretty important. I feel so shit when I haven’t been in thewater. I love the ocean and being salty and I love surfing! It make mehappy! My friends and family are also very important to me because theyhave shaped me to who I am today.

My wish:

It would be good to change peoples mindset from hate so the they stop blowing each other up!

Photos: Georgia Schofield – Starboard.


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