It all came together by the vision of bringing
innovation, quality and inspiration to the world of
wind, water and waves.

How to continue the journey and connection to the Ocean through a lifetime?

After 15 years of windsurfing, abandoning school and promising to not get into any board-related business, this was a large question for a kid from Arendal, Norway, spending time on a Polynesian Island back in the 90s. Now, looking into the sky, it would seem like we all are stardust navigating our ways through
generations of lifetime opportunities. Perhaps the stars somehow influence us, our links to ancestors and the friends that we share the planet with?

Starboard is just one of those journeys through space and time.

Each one of us is somehow shaping our little brand stimulating the fabulous synergy between the ancient Tiki, the fun-loving god-king of water and waves, and our Viking ancestors that had their Styriboard (steering board) on the right side of their ships. Our board’s shapes and technologies come from the communication we have with each other and the ocean.

Now we have fostered a whole bunch of friends around the world who love to play in the ocean and protect it, we want to help reinforce this mass movement of connecting people to nature so we all can better understand how to protect our planet.

We have just won 11 out of the 12 last Constructors’ titles. As an organization it’s however no longer good enough to be the best in the world, we really need to start becoming the best for the world.

Are we the world’s first company to calculate our plastic footprint and set up a plastic offset program? Are we the first company to aim at becoming Carbon Past Positive, balancing not only our current carbon footprint but our entire 25 years of business? Can we together play an important role in changing the tide of pollution and help the world vote for the ocean?

Thanks to all our inspiring partners and riders for guiding us towards a better future, let’s see how we can be most useful over the next 25 years.

Svein Rasmussen

Chief Innovator


A quarter of a decade with innovation quality.


The Starboard HQ and workshop in Bangkok, Thailand – the heart of the company.


Located one hour south of Bangkok. The place where the Starboard team relentlessly tests new designs from the workshop daily.


Explore the Starboard initiatives at Starboard Blue. Our website dedicated for environmental awareness and actions.


We plant one mangrove per board sold – each tree offsetting 1 tonne CO2 over the course of 20 years – making every board ten times carbon net positive.


Starboard is pioneering a pilot program with an internal tax on plastic based on the company usage. The funds from the tax goes to a program that clean up plastic from the beaches in Pattaya, Thailand, offsetting our plastic impact.