‘See you in the water’



– ICF Worlds 2021: Bronze medal
– ISA Worlds 2019: Gold Medal
– ICF Worlds 2019: Silver medal
– Italian Champion 2018
– APP London Sprint 2019: Silver Medal and 4th overall
– APP Paris Sprint Pool 2018: 3rd place
– Euro Tour Namur 2019: 1st place
– Euro Tour Munich 2019: 1st place


Claudio Nika was always attracted to the Ocean since he was a child, he started practising surfing at age of 6 and was later encouraged by his brother Leonard some years later in 2009 to get on a SUP board in Rome. After having fun, training and racing Claudio started to travel to various competitions at the age of 14 where he’d achieve National and European titles.

In the later years from 2016 to 2021, Claudio had been training in Portugal – Cascais and Peniche – with his brother Leonard. Together in 2020, they founded the “Nika Paddle Surf Camp” n high-performance SUP training centres that attracts aspiring athletes worldwide. He is now a World Champion and he realizes one of his dreams but is not planning to stop chasing medals and representing Starboard and Italy on the world stage. The most important goal for Claudio is being in the water and having fun whatever the condition it is.

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Lives in: Rome Italy and Peniche Portugal
Favourite SUP Locations: Peniche, San Sebastian Spain, Agios Greece, El Salvador
SUP racer world ranking: currently 11th
APP World Tour Ranking: currently 13th
Hobbies: Surfing, skating, running, painting, biking, travelling, foiling
Other Sponsors: Black Project

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