How to Attach Leash to Your SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Board

How to Attach Leash to SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Board


Here are our 3 easy steps on how to attach your leash to your SUP board.  For your and other peoples safety it is crucial to wear your Leash. Knowing the correct way to attach it to your board can help keep you and others out of trouble.


  • Step 1: Make sure your leash is in a good condition and has no visible signs of wear. Find the metal D-Ring on the tail of your board (above the fins) and pass the pull tap of your leash through the ring.


  • Step 2: Make sure there are no knots in your leash and pass the other end of your leash through the hoop of the pull tap.


  • Step 3: Now it is time to pull the remaining slack out so that you get a clean attachment to the board. If you have done everything right, there should be no visible knots and your leash easy to untie by decreasing the ‘pull’ on the slack.


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