How to carry your Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) to the water


There is a carry handle on every Starboard paddle board. It is located in the center of the board which makes it easy for you to grab the board by the handle and walk to the water.


There is a shoulder carry strap on selected models of Starboard boards. This shoulder carry strap makes it easier to carry as the board simply hangs on the shoulder instead of using your arm strength to grip the board by the handle. By using your shoulder, it frees up your hands hence, you can carry more essentials i.e. mobile phone, beach bags, camera, etc. CLICK HERE to watch a video about Starboard Shoulder Carry Strap.


The classic surfers carry style. This can be a very useful method. Usually with your board lying face down on the ground you just walk the board upright until you are under the carry handle. Then bend your knees and hoist it up. When you have it over your head you are much less likely to catch a gust of wind, so this is a better carry for windy days. This carry style is best for a lighter boards as you will not want to put too much weight on your neck. CLICK HERE to learn more about on the head carry