Nothing like jam-packing a weekend with 2 SUP comps, in 2 different counties and pulling it all of with some Daytona type driving and tight flight connections. Starboard Dream Team rider Shakira Westdorp gives us the low down of her win at the fun Kiwi event before jetting home to claim the 2019 Queensland SUP Surf State Title.



“I was in beautiful NZ last week for a quick surf trip. Scored some pretty fun waves and saw how amazing the countryside is. It was a super fun few days, with surfing, foiling, camping and enjoying great company.

We had made our way to Gisborne on Friday and was invited to a local SUP comp the next day. It was such a cool comp to be involved in! We were greeted with a Maori welcome and blessing and all competitors had to give a quick introduction about themselves. It made for a really cool vibe for the event.

The waves were super fun 2 foot, with a nice left/ right peak and the stiff offshore blowing made for a chilly morning. Needless to say, I was stoked I brought my 4/3 wetsuit.

I managed a few nice waves to make it into the final. I knew it was going be a tough final as I was surfing against last year’s ISA bronze medalist, Stella Smith, who also happens to be a local at this break. I managed to snag a couple of left set waves to take the win.

There was no time to muck around! We were straight into the car and made the 3 hr drive to Napier in 2.5 hrs just in time to make my flight. Phew. Landed in Auckland, ran to the International terminal to make check-in for my flight to Brisbane…. phew, again!!”



“I landed in Brisbane, stayed the night then up early the next morning to drive to the Gold Coast for the 2019 Queensland SUP Surf State Titles. This is the pathway to be able to represent Team Australia at the ISA world titles.

We had glassy, 2-foot peaky beachies for the day. Got a few nice waves with an 8.33 and a 6.67 to make the final later in the day. Was pretty frothing to get back out there with the fun conditions and scored aN 8.5 and a 6.5 in the final to claim my 9th consecutive Queensland SUP title.

Pretty stoked to take the two wins. Definitely had a few celebratory beers Sunday afternoon….. back to work Monday!”


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