“Live every day being grateful! And always smile”

Favorite discipline: Flat water long distance
Favorite Places: My favourite place to paddle for sure is Bali

Living in: I’m at the moment living in Bali, Sanur
Hobbies: My hobbies apart from paddling, are basically every kind of sport that gives me and adrenaline rush!
Other Sponsors:  ripcurl school of surf Bali, compressport, pod chocolate, sup station Thailand, sustainable surf.

Latest accomplishments in SUP to date:
my biggest accomplishment of this year is the 1st place at the ISA long distance championship.

What are you doing to help keep the water clean:
A small thing that i do to keep the ocean clean, is to always bring my reusable water bottle with me so that i don’t need to buy plastic bottles.

Why did you choose Starboard:
I choose Starboard because i truly believe that is the absolute number one company in the industry.

What do you do when you are not paddling:
When im not paddling, i still try to be as much as i can in Nature.