“Always Have Fun and Never Give Up!”

Favorite discipline: Downwinders for racing and big wave for SUP surfing.
Favorite Places: Maliko downwinder, Jaws (aka Peahi), Raglan New Zealand and of course my home break Ho’okipa!

Living in: Maui, Hawaii
Hobbies: Everything to do with the ocean and helping save it for the future generations!
Other Sponsors: Salt Life, Maui Jim, Futures Fins, and Harmless Harvest.

Latest accomplishments in SUP to date:
Current World Leader (Sup Racer’s World Rankings)
9 x Maui2Molokai Winner
2 x World Series Champion
2 x Euro Tour Champion (2015-2016)
2016 Fastest Paddler on Earth

What are you doing to help keep the water clean:
I am always on the look out for trash on the water and on land so it doesn’t blow into the ocean. Also spreading the word to everyone to pick up trash and to always pack out what you pack in.

Why did you choose Starboard:
Starboard has more to it then the eye sees. Not only are they making the best gear they are all bout healthy living. They are use bioresin in all the boards which is a lot less harmful for everything and everyone. The tiki life styles is fun, relax but when it is game time we are ready to go.

What do you do when you are not paddling:
Living in Hawaii I like to also mix it up with windsurf and surfing. I also do a bunch of running and swimming to cross train a bit.