Professional SUP athlete, Ocean adventurer and environmentalist.



What is your mission?

My mission is to live as sustainable as I can and educate and inspire others. The main thing for people to understand is that YOU can make a change.


What do you do and how did you get there?

I’m very lucky to work with Starboard. I have been learning so much about sustainability over the last few years. Designing the Tikhine boards a dream came true, obviously in the regards of combining my two passions – art & the ocean –  in one, but also to send out a message around the world. Painting is like writing a diary for me of all my experiences, travels, … my biggest inspiration is the ocean. Through my paintings I try to sensitize people and show them the beauty, but also the fragility of our environment.


What are your current eco initiatives?

At the last ISPO in Germany, Mizu (Water Bottles) and myself did a project. I designed 100 bottles which almost all of them were sold in those 3 days. We auctioned the original painting as well, all the revenue went to support the educational projects of “Trash Hero”. We are already planning our next mission. 🙂

Very recently I also designed the Logo of the “Istrian SUP challenge” to safe the last dolphins at the Adriatic Sea. The original will be auctioned, too and all the revenue will go to the non profit organization to Safe the dolphins. I’m an ambassador for the German Ocean Fundation, at the BOOT Show, Starboard donated us a board and with the help from the visitors, most of them kids, we painted the whole board and it will be auctioned to a non-profit environmental organization.