Adventure Biologist

“adventures are the best way to learn”



Preservation of the environment and biodiversity, education, research, scientific information, ecotourism, sustainable development, open-air sports, give values to local territories.




Stefano is an environmental biologist, founder of GreenRope, an Italian environmental organization, and he is the International Education Projects Coordinator of the Jonian Dolphin Conservation, Scientific NGO dedicated to preserving cetaceans in the Ionian Sea. Since 2018 he runs his SUPKids School in South Italy.




GreenRope was born in 2013 in the heart of Puglia (Italy) from passion and from the energy of ideas of a group of young people. Their local and European projects are based, overall, in the protection and conservation of the environment and biodiversity and in the topic of sustainable development – to give values to their territories, doing the first step to create a better future and a better world for us and for our society. They aspire to increase awareness of people and want to spread the voice of positive messages thanks to concrete actions, active participation, youth mobility through formal and non-formal education.


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The Jonian Dolphin Conservation is a scientific research association aimed at the study of cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto in the Northern Ionian Sea. Profound connoisseurs of the marine environment in its most disparate aspects, the members of our working group put their experiences and attitudes at the disposal of research in the deepest sense of the term. The objective of protecting cetaceans of the Gulf of Taranto can only be achieved by creating awareness in the population that cetaceans still exist in our sea. This awareness can only be achieved by creating knowledge.


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