Uta Heimann

Stand Up Paddle Family

Stand up for what you love and do your best to protect and save it

Uta Heimann was born in Eastern Germany and is a huge ocean lover with a high affinity for water sports, travelling and exploring the world with all its magic.


Working in outdoor sports like diving, snowboarding, hiking and kayaking, Uta sensed how fragile mother earth is and that minor changes can result in massive destruction.


At the time she became a mother, everything got more intense. She always did her share in taking care for the planet, educating people about the need to protect our world and supporting petitions for those causes – but with this new point of view as a parent, she immediately felt responsible to what world we are passing to the next generation. Time to do more!


Being a sportsperson does not end with a child. So as diving and snowboarding seemed not to be possible to practice like before, Uta remembered back to the days in 2010 when she used to give the courses of Stand Up Paddling in Greece… and so the family sport was found, and they got back into Stand Up Paddling in 2016.


To share her insights and actions with the world, Uta created the blog Stand Up Paddle Family, to encourage parents to get active and involve their kids. There was so much content on the internet about Stand Up Paddling, but there was very little about doing it with kids and getting them to love and care for their playground. Raising a kid fully aware of all the impacts of our plastic pollution problem is only one part of the whole plan to drive our society into the change.


After getting the attention of Starboard by writing an article about sustainable boards, Uta joined the Protect Blue community for the inaugural open-air conference that took place in Noli, Italy, back in 2017. Since then Uta and her Stand Up Paddle Family have been cleaning up every trash outside — always keeping some bag with them — no matter if only out for a walk, running, biking but most importantly when they are out Standup Paddling.


It’s just amazing to see how people get inspired to join the movement against plastic and getting our oceans clean.


Stand Up Paddle Family is more than just another sport blog — it is encouraging people to stand up for what they love and do their best to protect and save it, always in mind that only collaboration is key.