Where can I buy a board?

Please find your nearest dealers on our TIKI map. CLICK HERE

Where can I find Starboard product catalogue?

You can view our catalogue on the catalogue page CLICK HERE.

And see the product overview CLICK HERE.

What is the price of the boards?

Please find and contact your local distributor from our TIKI map CLICK HERE

And they can give the price in your local currency.

Where to contact for warranty claims?

All warranty claims have to go through the shop where the board was bought. Together with the original receipt and a video of the failure/issue, as well as a picture of the serial number of the board.

Can you recommend a board for me?

Have you tried our board selector system? CLICK HERE and have a try!


How much air should I pump into my Inflatable board, and how long does it take to inflate?

The recommended pressure for Deluxe board is 15 – 18 PSI for the outer chamber and 10 PSI for the inner chamber. For the Zen board is 15 – 18 PSI. Any higher you risk over inflating and damage. Depending on the size of your board it can take anywhere from 5-8 min.

When detaching the pump from the Inflatable board, the air starts to release from the valve. How do I stop this from happening?

There is a little spring pin inside that locks itself in two positions:
Deflating position (air coming out freely) and inflating position (100% Airtight). To switch from inflating to deflating, simply push the pin and turn clockwise a 1/4 turn. The pin will lock itself in a down position and the air will come out freely. To switch from deflating to inflating, simply push the pin and turn a 1/4 counter-clockwise. The pin will lock itself in a up position and the air will not be able to come out unless you push the pin.

How should I clean and how should I store my Inflatable board?

We only recommend water and a mild soap. Heavy detergents and solvents can damage your board. It is best to clean and dry your board, take out the fins, and store in the shade. CLICK: Inflatable Maintenance Guide

If I puncture my Inflatable board, can I repair by myself?

Yes, you can use the supplied Inflatable repair kit and follow the instruction in the Starboard inflatable manual or CLICK HERE

Which pump fits which boards?

All our pumps are designed to fit all of our boards.


Weight and volume of the boards?

You can find weight and volume of the boards at the bottom of the product pages:

If I ding (put a hole in) my board, should I stop using it?

Definitely. As soon as you notice you have a hole or crack thru the skin of your board you should exit the water immediately. The inner core of your board (EPS) even though is water resistance to a certain extent, it can absorb water after a long soak, which will increase the weight of your board. If you do happen to absorb water from a crack or ding, it is possible to drain it by leaving it in the sun for extended periods, but it will never get back to its original weight.