Wing Boarding


Wing Boarding is the hottest new wind sport. It combines a kiteboard kite-like sail, but is handheld similar to a windsurf sail. It’s essentially a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite but with no rigging, no hardware and no strings attached! This makes Wing boarding a lot easier to learn but still offers riders that awesome free flight sensation by using a handheld inflatable surfing wing.


If you’re just getting started and want to learn more about wing boarding then you’ve come to the right place! We’re gonna cover everything you need to know about wing foiling and wing surfing.

What gear do you need for Wing Boarding?


Which Wing Board is Right for You?

Wing boarding is happening and performance levels are rising.

Like every new sport, some riders get it right away, while others struggle. This is much down to choosing the right gear. At Starboard, our goal when developing our Wing board series was to make sure you will enjoy your wing session to the maximum and have the best time on the water.

First, we want entry-level paddle boarders to try this new sport and enjoy wing boarding as much as paddle boarding. So, we developed a Wingboard 4-in-1. This is a multi-purpose board designed for paddle boarding, windsurfing, wing boarding and wing paddling. It has high stability, great glide and speed. With the built-in footstrap inserts, you can easily find the right foot positioning for your fist Wing board sessions.

Once wing boarders progress, riders will move their focus onto wing foiling ~ this is the new exciting developing that has taken the world of wind and water sports by storm. The Starboard Wingboard Foil offers easy take-off, superb balance while riding and easy touch down with fast relaunch. Every feature of the board is optimally designed for you to have the best session out on the water. For example, our Olympic cutaway tail design makes for a fast relaunch, the recessed deck lower the center of gravity thus, makes the foilers feel more stable and we also make sure that the water flushes out quickly with the drainage system.

Now, with the right boards under your feet and the right wing in your hands, basic techniques are also important for a great wing boarding session. Check out our Zero to Hero comprehensive Wing foiling tutorials to learn basic techniques from world champion, Zane Schweitzer.

We are looking forward to taking this new sport to the next level.