Starboard-SUP-Stand-Up-Paddleboard-accessories-Cover-2020-tiki-pump-2 FAST • EASY •


Tiki Pump


Fixed hose and manometer position when inflating. 10% more efficient thanks to the redesigned piston and outside tube for the air outlet. Precise angled palm grip for comfortable and easier pumping. Double and single action. Wider removable foot base increases stability when pumping. Upcycled fishing nets in the base and handle.


(Only available with Deluxe Double Chamber and Deluxe Single Chamber constructions)

(Zen construction comes with V8 Double Action Pump)


Fixed Hose And Manometer Position

The hose is attached to the pump’s body, so no flapping aroun when pumping the board up. And so is the manometer for an easy read of the pressure in the board.

10% More Efficient


• New redesigned piston and outside tube for the air outlet.

• By placing the airflow cylinder outside of the chamber, there is space for a more efficient flow inside the pump.

Handle Design

• Precise angled palm grip for comfortable and easier pumping.

• The handles are wide and shaped perfectly to fit the palm, then rotated into the best angle for a sustained pumping action.

Double Action

• Use the Double Action mode to pump the board up to 7 PSI during the up and downstrokes.

• Switch to Single Action to continue pumping up to 18 PSI only on the downstrokes.

Wide Removable Base

The extra strong and wide detachable base provides better stability and comfort during the strokes and stores with ease.

Upcycled Fishing Nets


The base and the handles are produced with upcycled fishing nets taken out of the Indian ocean.



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