可動可靜,可軟可硬. 連續蟬聯多年SUP世界最好品牌


右舷充氣式槳板可提供充氣便利性和硬板性能。 右舷高級充氣技術,例如焊接式滑軌,編織的縫線縫線和雙重腔室,可提供額外的安全性,這是我們的充氣式SUP在全球如此受歡迎的原因。


您甚至可以在掉水之前就感覺到右舷槳板的不同之處,我們的SUP板很輕,您可以使用肩背背帶輕鬆地攜帶它,放心地站在水上,具有很大的穩定性。 一目了然地查看完整的硬板範圍,並為您找到理想的SUP。


探索Starboard 槳系列,提供市場上最豐富的系列。從SUP比賽槳板到SUP衝浪,您甚至可以找到與您的木板匹配的槳板。


Starboard 開發了種類齊全的翼板來提升您的表現。無論您是這項運動的全新新手,只是想學習如何操作翼板,還是經驗豐富的翼板並希望獲得更高的速度和更快的速度,我們都有適合每位騎手的翼板。


Starboard creates the world’s most innovative & quality stand up paddleboards. With the widest range offering on the planet, there is the perfect Starboard paddle board for everyone’s individual requirements, skill level, budget and type of paddling.

With such a wide range offering, it can be a little overwhelming to know which board to choose, so that is why we created the “Board Selector Tool“. If you are not sure which board is right for you, simply go through our board selector tool steps, answer a few basic questions and we can recommend the right board for you.

Starboard also has the most comprehensive global dealer network with SUP experts ready to help you get up and riding in no time. They can help recommend the perfect paddleboard best suited to your personal needs and provide local pricing & availability information. So once you’ve figured out what paddleboard you require (or even if you haven’t), contact one of our Starboard Dealers to demo and buy today.