Ace Foil

An ace in foiling downwind, wing and surf

Ace Foil

An ace in foiling downwind, wing and surf

The Ace Foil features the iconic pin-tail design for efficient takeoff and tracking downwind. The outline is designed to resemble nature’s most streamline possible shape, a teardrop, and the slightly recessed standing area gives the rider a flat, stable, and more connected feel over the foil.


After much testing, we also found the Ace Foil to be a fantastic crossover board for not only SUP downwinding, but light wind wingboarding as well as SUP surfing.



The infamous ACE raceboard from Starboard was an industry first design that reimagined the downwind raceboard design. First produced as a 12’6” SUP Race board and debuting at the Battle of the Paddle in 2009, the ACE (originally named “The NEW”) was available in many iterations and sizes from 12’6” – 14’0” models between 2009 – 2021.

This year, the ACE has been reborn in a brand new size range, for the latest downwind innovation: Downwind SUP Foiling.


The teardrop outline is the most efficient outline, offering even volume and a stable shape.


Designed for speed downwind and early takeoff. The aim of the Ace Foil is to offer a super-fast accelerating board to quickly catch bumps and accelerate quickly onto foil. The Ace Foil model is available in narrow sizes from 19″ up to 23″.


Tracking and efficiency are two key aspects of the pintail design. The pin tail offers great tracking for catching bumps, while the pin tail also brings the water back together, allowing a more efficient takeoff and touchdown with less board touching the water.


The rounded rails were originally designed to be easy to use in choppy ocean conditions. This same concept has been brought to the Ace Foil model, which not only creates ease in the chop but also allows the board to have an amazing spring when pumping to get on the foil.


The rocker is fine-tuned for speed, spring, and larger bumps. The rockerline has been tested in a range of conditions, from flatwater to large ocean swell.


With many iterations of downwind foils hitting the market, the 16″ foil box caters to any foil preference. This downwind model features a “further forward” box for fine-tuned and comfortable downwind foiling.


Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches, and UV damage. Made with stretchable polyester, it fits various board shapes. Ensure optimal board maintenance with the iconic blue Board Sock, featuring a secure drawstring closure.


Improves tracking and reduces the amount of times you have to switch the paddle from side to side when paddling. The further back the fin sits in the box, the more directional stable the board will become.


On the nose to attach accessories like a GoPro, phone holder, compass or GPS

(Available only on Tikhine models)


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  • 提供全碳纖維結構,結合了強度和重量,具有真正的競速能力。
  • 雙軸碳纖維包裹了整個板和邊緣,為您提供具有競爭力的出色重量和強度特性。
  • 甲板上的 碳縱骨架提供額外的衝擊力和剛度。
  • 額外的玻璃增強材料包裹著鋒利邊緣和內部,以提供額外的剛度和強度。


NEW 7’10” x 23″ / 140L

Length: 7’10” / 239 cm

Width: 23” / 58 cm

This versatile model serves as a SUP downwind board, a light wind wing board, and a SUP foil for wave riding. With a width of 23″, it caters to heavier riders up to 120kg, providing extra stability. Surprisingly easy to lift off from flat-water pumping, despite its size, it boasts excellent stability thanks to its slightly recessed standing area. The narrow tail ensures remarkable efficiency, making flying effortlessly achievable for riders wanting a more stable ride.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 7’4” x 21.5″ / 120L

Length: 7’4” / 224 cm

Width: 21.5” / 55 cm

Anticipated to be our most popular size. At 120L, this model will be stable enough to cater for riders up to 110kg while being a stable platform for lighter riders. During testing we were amazed at how easy this board got onto foil. At just 21.5 inches wide, we felt that this was a manageable and reasonably stable width while offering incredibly fast take offs.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 7’0” x 20″ / 100L

Length: 7’0″ / 213 cm

Width: 20″ / 51 cm

“Incredibly stable for its size.” The 7’0″ has been trialled and tested in every condition, including flatwater pumping, downwinding in Thailand, and large ocean swells in Australia. Feedback from testers was that this model seemed to somehow have better stability than a similar-volume board that was four inches wider. Not only is this a high-performing, stable, and fast downwind board for riders up to 90kg, but it can also be used as a big wave SUP surf board, a light wind wing board, and a flatwater pumping practise board.

Available construction:

• Blue Carbon

NEW 6’9” x 19″ / 85L

Length: 6’9” / 206 cm

Width: 19” / 48 cm

Our smallest and fastest design. The goal with the 6’9″ is to create the best competition downwind foil board on the market, targeted at elite riders up to 80kg. The 6’9″ boasts an incredibly fast takeoff and excellent handling on ocean bumps. The 6’9″ is narrow enough to experiment with prone downwind foiling while being comfortable enough for an advanced rider to use as an advanced downwind SUP foil board.

Available constructions:

• Blue Carbon

10’8″ x 31″ GO

Length: 10’8” / 325 cm

Width: 31” / 79 cm

This board has quicker turning and is easier to move around. A fast, nimble and effortless glide. Another jewel for riders new to SUP or those who look for a real upgrade.

Available constructions:

• Starshot Tikhine


• Lite Tech

10’2″ x 29″ GO

Length: 10’2″ / 310 cm

Width: 29″ / 74 cm

The lightweight and shorter length offer easier maneuverability and fast turning. Narrow width improves tracking from being able to hold the paddle straighter in the water.

Available construction:

• Starshot Tikhine




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Model7'10" x 23" ACE FOIL7'4" x 21.5" ACE FOIL7'0" x 20" ACE FOIL6'9" x 19" ACE FOIL
Rider Weightup to 120 kgup to 110 kgup to 90 kgup to 80 kg
Length7'10" / 239 cm7'4" / 224 cm7'0" / 213 cm6'9" / 206 cm
Width23" / 58 cm21.5" / 55 cm20" / 51 cm19" / 48 cm
Volume140 L120 L100 L85 L
Fin Set UpFoilFoilFoilFoil
Weightwith inserts: 7.4 kg (Avg)
without inserts: 6.9 kg (Est)
with inserts: 7.1 kg (Avg.)
without inserts: 6.2 kg (Est)
with inserts: 6.5 kg (Avg.)
without inserts: 5.7 kg (Est)
with inserts: 5.9 kg (Avg.)
without inserts: 4.9 kg (Est)

Board weight tolerance:

Blue Carbon +/- 5%

For every board Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation.

Each tree absorbs 673kg of CO2 during its first 25 years.

50% of absorption goes towards offsetting this board & 50% is secured as carbon credits to fund livelihood projects in Myanmar.

The average emission from a Starboard board is 100 kg CO2.

By planting 3 trees per board we offset this 10 x over.

每塊板的平均碳足跡為 120 kg。

1.4 kg of trash is collected per board by starboard pop crews at beaches in Thailand & Myanmar.

Globally, an individual is responsible for 1.4 kg of plastic reaching the ocean every year.

Starboard balances this amount for our customers.

每塊板的平均塑料含量為 10.5 kg。