My favorite board is the Allstar as its the most versatile between the Sprint and Ace. It can hold a quick pace in the flats, but you don’t have to worry if you’re in some wind or choppy water. For high wind downwiders and surf races, the Allstar provides the most stability and most control in all conditions.

Fiona WyldeGeorge Paddle Challenge Champion

The 2020 All Star is a game changer. It’s faster, more efficient, more responsive and the best all round board on the market!

Michael BoothISA World Champion

“The All Star is a board I know it will work in everything! North Carolina was the best example this year – choppy to flat to upwind to downwind conditions and at the end surfing a wave back to the beach. When I´m racing on the All Star I can just focus on myself, this board is very predictable and really easy to get used to paddle on it.“

Sonni HonscheidEuroTour SUP Champion