Our lightest technology. Ever.

ZERO is the lightest full carbon hollow construction in SUP Race History.

6+ years of development, ZERO is our first production hollow construction.

The game changer technology has been introduced in the new 2023 Sprint series.

ZERO technology is made from the highest grade carbon for the lightest, stiffest and strongest ratio possible.


• Ultra Lightweight / Ultra fast acceleration / Ultra long glide


• Zero EPS foam, true hollow construction.


• Over 3kg lighter than Carbon Sandwich / Over 4.5kg lighter than Wood Carbon.


• Stiffest / Strongest / Lightest possible ratio.


• 3+ board lengths faster over 50 strokes when testing with our Dream Team riders at Starboard HQ.


• Developed alongside our top 10 Dream Team Riders to test the construction and speeds in real world scenarios. Our team has been astounded with the speed and glide from the ZERO construction.


• Tested in a variety of races by our top riders, ZERO has been fine tuned for lightweight and strength.


The secret to the ZERO technology is the premium sandwich hollow layup. The hollow construction is a 100% biax carbon fiber sandwich technology with double carbon layers around a PVC body, featuring unidirectional carbon fiber and PVC for reinforcement.


Multiple PVC stringers connect the deck and bottom structure, creating an ultra solid frame at the lightest possible weight.

Starboard SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Race Key Features 2021-biaxial-carbon


100% Biax Carbon technology offers the strongest and stiffest board at the lightest possible weight, using the lightest grade of carbon fiber (100g Biax Carbon).

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For every board sold, Starboard plants 3 mangrove trees with Worldview International Foundation. Each Mighty Mangrove sinks down 673kg of VCS certified CO2 during its first 25 years.

Together, our 3 mangroves offset the boards Carbon Emissions 10 X over and fund local livelihoods projects in Myanmar.

Buy a board and we pick up 1.1 kg of beach/ ocean plastic trash – equivalent to the amount of plastic trash entering the ocean, per person, per year. Starboard balances this amount for our customers.