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What Sets Starboard's Paddle Board Range Apart



For every board sold, we plant a mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, absorbing one ton of CO2 over 20 years. And also picking up 1.1 kg of plastic trash from the ocean. Live a deep blue life with Starboard.


Starboard inflatable paddle boards won many titles from around the world. The Airline Technology won Special Jury Prize from Paddle Expo in Germany. The Inflatable Touring board is named as the best Touring boards from several magazines and the Double Chamber Technology set a new trend like no others.

Which Inflatable Paddle Board is best for you?

At Starboard, our inflatable paddle boards offer inflatable convenient, hard board performance. The ease of packing away and transporting inflatable paddle board together with Starboard premium inflatable technologies are the reasons why our inflatable SUP is so popular around the world.


All Round Inflatable Paddle Board

Our iGO is a true all round inflatable paddle board designed for various activities. Whether you want to have a fun cruise on the lake, ride small waves at the beach, practice SUP Yoga or take your pets on board, the iGO can do it all.


Touring Inflatable Paddle Board

The inflatable Touring paddle board is Starboard all-time best-seller. SUPBoarder Magazine says “This is everything an inflatable Touring paddle board should be.”


SUP Surf Paddle Board

Surfing inflatable paddle board or SUP Surf inflatable board are designed for you to catch waves in any part of the world. Pack your surfboard into a backpack and catch waves on the go. 


SUP Windsurfing Inflatable Paddle Board (WindSup)

These 2-in1 inflatable boards allow you to pack a stand up paddle board and a windsurf board into a single backpack and travel with your favorite toys.


Kids Paddle Board (SUPKids)

The ease of storage, transportation and softer construction makes the SUPKids inflatable paddle boards the perfect choice for kids when it comes to fun and safety. This paddle board is specially designed for the kids to have to best time on the water.


Inflatable Race Paddle Board

Our award-winning Inflatable Race Paddle Board can go fast. With the Airline technology, the inflatable All Star is so responsive and fun to paddle.