Inflatable Paddle Boards

by Starboard SUP

View the complete Starboard inflatable paddle board range at a glance ~ premium inflatable paddleboards (iSUP) from the World’s leading SUP brand.

All Starboard Inflatable SUP feature welded rail technology.

The welded rail uses an advanced heat-welding process whereby the top and bottom layers of the board are mechanically bonded. That means there is no glue used to join the top and bottom along the rails therefore these joins are now bonded for life – making our boards the most durable on the market!

Best Entry-Level Inflatable Paddle Boards

Now available in new Deluxe Lite Construction, which makes the board incredibly light and features Roll Technology to pack it 33% smaller.

10'8" X 33" iGO

— Stable —

A popular entry-level size, perfect for schools and centers that want one board that does it all. This board is faster to turn than the longer sizes yet has more glide than the shorter size, all at an ultra-stable width.

11'2" X 31" + iGO

— Fast —

A great value iSUP for beginner to intermediate paddlers, which features an incredibly fast outline and provides abundant stability.
The squarer tail shape makes turning incredibly easy.

11'6" / 12'6 / 14'0" TOURING


This iSUP is designed to be adventure-ready right out of the box. The 12’6″ combines a balance of speed, stability & manoeuvrability. The narrow width makes it the fastest to paddle and easiest to track in a straight line.

Best Seller Inflatable Paddle Boards


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Light, awesome & fun —

This is Starboard’s most popular iSUP range developed specifically for beginner paddlers who want to stay dry & simply have fun on a great all-round paddleboard. Packed with loads of great features & ready to travel, simply jump on board & start paddling.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Generations ahead of the rest —

The Generation Inflatable is the new quiver killer paddleboard by Starboard.
Now you can enjoy best of 3 worlds – Surfing, Racing and Touring – with one board.
Now available as a 12’6″ x 30″.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Exploring & adventure —

The overall balanced glide experience and premium features are what have made Starboard’s Touring iSUP become the world’s highest-rated by magazines and customers’ favourite worldwide. These boards are expedition ready, right out of the box.

Racing Inflatable Paddle Boards


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Faster than most hard boards —

The All Star features our patented Airline Technology to deliver superior stiffness at an ultra-lightweight. This is our fastest inflatable paddle board, developed for racing and covering large distances at speed, featuring loads of intelligently engineering features.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— The fastest flat water inflatable board—

Similar to its composite counterpart, the Sprint Airline board is meant to be the fastest board in flat water conditions. With a narrow nose to cut through the water surface, the center of balance sits behind the middle of the board providing great acceleration.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Race boards for champions—

The dedicated Junior range is specially scaled with narrow outlines to hold the paddle closer and straighter to the board for improved tracking. After the success in the ICF world championship in Hungary, we introduced a new size, 2 inches wider to accommodate bigger kids.

Convertible Inflatable Paddle Boards

Wingboard 4-in-1

Inflatable Paddle Board

— Hold the wind in your arms —

Compact, light and strong, you can go paddleboarding, learn windsurfing and even get planning thanks to the foot straps and water-releasing Rail Edge Technology. This is a great iSUP option for the whole family to have fun on.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Beginner Wingsurfer —

Ideal for those who want to learn to handle the FreeWing safely & easily without the use of a foil. The removable center fin helps to go upwind and the foot straps indicate the best standing position to start learning how to wing.

SUP Windsurfing Sail

Inflatable Paddle Board

— Uncompromised surfing performance —

This is our dedicated inflatable surf paddle board making travel and storage a breeze. We’ve pumped up the performance with the Woven Fusion and Double Chamber Construction, maximizing stiffness and that hard board feel.

Speciality Inflatable Paddle Boards


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Uncompromised surfing performance —

This is our dedicated inflatable surf paddle board making travel and storage a breeze. We’ve pumped up the performance with the Woven Fusion and Double Chamber Construction, maximizing stiffness and that hard board feel.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— The first inflatable board with concaves —

The concave shape on the deck allows you to stand closer to the water for more control, and the catamaran-style hull creates further stability. This new technology has been applied on your all-time favorite shapes: iGO and Touring.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Stable, stiff, comfortable and fast —

An industry-first iSUP design that delivers superior stiffness & comfort. The main body is only 4’75 “ thick which lowers paddlers’ center of gravity for stability, enabling a more narrow & faster outline. The 2” Wall around the standing area increases stiffness and provides further stability.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Small boards for small rippers —

The ease of storage, transportation & softer construction makes the SUPKids inflatable paddle boards the perfect choice for kids when it comes to fun and safety. Two models suitable for kids from 25 – 70kg.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— Multi-person paddleboards —

Whether you want to compete in events, train with your team, or just paddle with friends and family, the Team paddle board range has a board for all. Ideal for schools and clubs for team building, corporate events, and parties.


Inflatable Paddle Board

— See the ocean, see the future —

The Vision inflatable paddle board (iSUP) opens a whole new world. Look beneath the choppy surface with the large viewing window and immerse yourself underwater to see fish, coral reefs and more – great for kids and the family.

All Starboard inflatable paddle boards feature Welded Rail Technology

Learn more about Starboard's proprietary Welded Rail Technology used in our Inflatable Paddle board range