Starboard Dream Team rider Espe Barreras wins the Downwind Race Cantabria, in Spain, her first race back for the 2020 season. Espe put on a sterling performance on her All Star to not only take the win in the women’s field but also finished in a remarkable 3rd place overall. This is a great start to the late season with the Spaniard showing she is in great form post the lockdown period and is well poised for a solid (adapted) EuroTour.

The Downwind Race Cantabria (Spain) was organized by the local club Surfski Santander & Series Cantábricas (@surfskisantander) in which 20 SUP paddlers were invited to participate. The event takes place each year in Cantabria, a picturesque region on Spain’s north coast. The race is an exciting 20km downwinder race, with a beach start in the bay of Playa de Langre, with the first km upwind, then paddling around the point before a final buoy turn and 12km of perfect downwind into Santander city.

Here’s what Espe had to say about the event:

I felt strong paddling upwind the first km and managed to round the buoy 2nd overall, and then I had a blast in 12 km of downwinding into Santander. I was fighting between the 2nd and 3rd position overall the whole way. I finally finished 3rd overall next to 2nd place finisher and 1st female. I am very happy with my performance today!

It was a really fun course to race and I was happy to compete against men to prepare for my upcoming Eurotour events. Thanks to Jonathan Rincon (@surfskisantander) for the organization and to all riders for the high level on the water who push me to to the limits.”

Photo credits: Nico Dinovo (@upsuping)







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