SUP Tips: How To Get Back On Paddle Board From The Side

Falling off your stand up paddle board is inevitable, so learning how to easily get back on will ensure you get the most out of your paddleboarding experience. The handy SUP tips will show you how to get back on your paddleboard from the side.


Note: Before you start, make sure you approach the board from the side


  1. Grab the handle in the center
  2. Pull your upper body onto the board
  3. Kick feet and rotate the whole body onto the board
  4. Prone paddle to retrieve your paddle and place it 90 degrees across in front of you
  5. Start on your knees, get balanced and centred. Hop up to resume paddling


Remember, falling off is a natural part of paddling and being out on the water. Never be afraid of getting wet means you will relax and enjoy your time out on the water a whole lot more.


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