In SUPBoarder’s fourth PRO head-to-head test for 2020, Will and his crew were testing out and comparing Longboard SUPs from different manufacturers – looking for the Longboard shapes that will offer a good level of performance for the more experienced riders but also the boards that will help the improver/ intermediate SUP Longboard surfer to progress into more performance surfing.




They had 4 brands take part in this year’s surf test while trying to keep the volume as close to 115L size as possible. Even though all the boards have different shapes, design features and volumes, in this test they highlight the boards’ main features as well as the type of conditions and riders the boards will work best for.


SUP Longboarding is all about style and flow when surfing. There are many different styles of riding and no wrong or right style. But understanding which longboard will offer you which style is something many surfers might not have thought about. And if you’re new to Longboard SUP surfing then a board with an all-round style is what you’re after.


“A very lively, fast and energetic Longboard.” ~ Reuben Ellis – SUPBoarder



Nose Riding: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Ability to turn: 9/10
Stability: 7/10


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Board reviewed: 2020 Starboard Longboard SUP 9’0″ x 28” Blue Carbon 101 L & here’s what they had to say:


Note: Characteristics and feel from the 9’0 model can be transferred to the 10’0 model as that is the same shape. The 9’0 will turn a little tighter and fit into the deep pocket a bit better.


“Blue Carbon construction weighs in at 7.7kg and is the premium construction. The Longboard SUP is also available in the Starlite Construction which is the more affordable price point construction, as well as being very tough.”


Features of the board:

– the recessed carry handle is very comfortable
– EVA decked is elegantly done and almost mounds into the handle
– great tail pad with raised centre strip to assist with foot positioning
– board deck is flat throughout making it easy to stand on
– super thin rails at only 3.3 inches
– lower volume (just over 100l for the 9’0”) means stability is not the easiest but delivers superb performance
– a good amount of width on the nice round nose
– parallel rails in the midsection which are great for generating speed
– pulled in tail witchy slight diamond


Looking a the bottom of the board:

– features unique V at the nose with double concave
– V continues from the nose right the way through to the tail
– thruster set up comes with Balsa bio-resin – little more flex than other fins which is great for whip in the turns
– the look of bottom deck is great and shows off the end grain balsa


Beau’s Comments (Rider Feedback)

“The Starboard 9’0 Longboard is a really really great board – I feel like I can do just anything in the surf and definitely my favourites I the test boards we got to ride. You can get out there and nose ride and you can really turn off the tail as well. It has a V that runs along the way through the length of the board underneath and didn’t make it tippy at all when paddling it. When on the wave it really engages each of the rails when stepping back to turn, and when you want to crank a bottom turn it will roll really nicely onto the rail holding. It really great riding on the nose as well, but with the V you do need to be right in the centre, as it might rock a little so just need to be aware of that. It great off the tail and hits the lip and also offers really nice carving turns, with great nose riding ability – a really great all-round longboard. It performed well in knee-high to overhead waves which we tested it in!“


Rueben’s Comments (Editor Feedback)

This is a board you can surf almost like a shortboard if you wish, like the Pro shape board. It has a much looser, livelier feel than the other boards in test. That is due to the V that runs down the centre of the board, it’s very quick and easy to go from rail to rail and is really happy to pivot around on the turns.


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