Zane Schweitzer won back to back titles at the Master of the Ocean event in the Dominican Republic early this season and now he just earned himself the title of Ultimate Waterman after winning 3 of the 8 disciplines in New Zealand. By winning the SUP Surf, Longboard and Prone paddling events then coming in third in the SUP endurance race, Zane was able to stay on top of the leader board ahead of a World class line up of amazing talent including teammate Connor Baxter, Dany Ching, Mark Vissar and more.  What’s even more interesting is that Zane was not even invited to participate in the event then as fate had it Laird Hamilton received an  injury and had to step out of the event, opening the door for Zane to shine.

A big shout out goes to Zane’s teammate and best friend Connor Baxter for winning, for the second year in a row, the SUP Long distance race, ahead of Danny Ching and Zane.

We will be getting a recap from Zane and Connor on the overall event and will have more for you here soon.  But for now, check the results here:

Congratulations Zane and Connor!

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