Highs and lows at the Sunset Beach Pro – Zane’s 2019 Sunset Beach Pro Recap [and some awesome action shots…]

First off Mahalo APP World Tour, the North Shore community for letting us surf the beautiful wave at Sunset Beach, and as well to all the athletes for a great event.


Zane Schweitzer makes the bottom turn. All pics: Brian Beilmann / APP World Tour


The APP crew were patient selecting their days to run with many lay-days in between the action and it paid off today, especially early on in the day. Personally, I had a run of highs and lows making it through Round 4 and the Quarter-Finals into the Semi-Finals then just missing the qualifying position into the finals… The waves were really starting to slow down and shift around as it does at Sunset, and in the dying minutes of the heat, where I was back and forth between 1st and 2nd, I missed a flurry of sets and just didn’t quite get the wave I was hunting for to keep me in the top 2 after that.

This was a big defeat for me as I am feeling very confident with my equipment, along with Physical and mental preparation. In the end, I’ll walk away from this one with more experience at the beautiful wave- It felt great to be competing at Sunset Beach again and I’ll be back to win my title here next year hopefully!




Mahalo to everyone for sending aloha tuning into my Instagram story feeds and the APP World Tour’s Live Feed! Really appreciate your guys’ aloha and support!


Zane Schweitzer – Starboard Dream Team



Starboard Team Manager, Bart de Zwart and Zane carry fellow teammate Fiona Wylde after her 2019 Sunset Beach Pro victory.






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