BeginnerHow To VideosPaddle how to avoid SUP paddle clamp damage

How To Take Care Of Paddle Clamp

In this video, you will learn how to take care of your Starboard adjustable paddle clamp to prevent damage and breakage.   The Starboard adjustable paddles make use of a sturdy plastic clamp which allows the shaft of the paddle to be easily lengthened or shortened. This feature makes storage and transport of your paddle…

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Paddle How to Select a Starboard SUP Paddle Blade - Choose between lima-enduro paddle blade

How to Select a Starboard SUP Paddle Blade

  Which Starboard paddle blade shape is right for you? This handy infographic on ‘how to select a Starboard SUP paddle blade’ will help you determine which shape is right for you.   We know choosing the right paddle board blade shape can be overwhelming. You’ve seen a million paddles hanging on the wall at…

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