The exciting action has just wrapped up as a historic few days of SUP racing took place at the inaugural 2019 ICF SUP World Championships in Qingdao, China. With so much news out there we thought we’d just wrap up how the amazing Starboard Team performed with a few highlight performances and results from last weekend.




Day One: 18km Long Distance Race


In the Long Distance Racing is was Dream Team riders Sonni Hoenshcied and Michael Booth both taking Gold medals for Germany and Australia, respectively, proving yet again they are strongest long-distance paddlers in the world. In the womens race Sonni battled it all the way to the line with former teammate Olivia Piana, while Team Rider Fionna Wylde had a tough battle to hold off holding off Susak Molinero, Lena Ribeiro and Rika Okuaki and claim the bronze medal for USA. In the men’s race, Boothy was pushed all the way to the line by the Hasulyo brothers with Bruno finishing in 2nd and bother & team riders Daniel finishing in 3rd place.


“I was really looking forward to come to Qindao and race at an Olympic venue. The race with a 18km course and wind with some strong wind gusts, made this race challenging conditions wise. On the start field the strongest women in this sport. I was using the 14′ Sprint and the new Lima race paddle, the perfect combo for racing! Winning this gold medal was my goal for the end of this season and I’m beyond stoked to make this happen!”

~ Sonni


“What a day yesterday. It’s always special when you put your mind to something and get the job done when it counts. Congrats to Bruno & Daniel Hasulyo who pushed the pace all the way to the end, what a race! Thanks to my team of sponsors for their continual support. Also to everyone who has messaged me, I really appreciate it.”

~ Boothy


“Super happy with my 3rd place in the ICF World Champs 18km Distance Race!! It was a very difficult race but I’m super excited to make the podium! Congrats to all the racers and to Sonni Hoenscheid & Michael Booth on your wins!”

~ Fiona


“History made again! Double podium for Team Hungary and the SUPBROz, Hasulyo Brothers at the 2019 ICF World SUP Championship! I got 3rd and Bruno 2nd at the Long distance! 1 Country, 2 Medals with a big congratulations to Michael Booth!”

~ Daniel


Day Two: 200 Sprint Racing


One of the highlights of the event surely was the exciting 200m Mens Sprint final where Connor Baxter cemented his name as the greatest of all time after claiming sprint gold on day two of the ICF Worlds in a record time of 0:46.38.


Connor held off Italian ace Claudio Nika, Brazilian favourite Arthur Santacreu and half a dozen impressive dark horses from the canoe world to win the world title in what is surely the fastest time ever recorded over 200 metres.


“They lined up 15 athletes on the start line and I was in lane 5 with my eyes on the prize, Gold medal. They called us to the line and I had my paddle on my left with my stance staggered. The horn blew and everything went silent and I went into beast mode. It wasn’t until the halfway point where I made my move and the plan of attach was as soon as it started to hurt that’s when the race started. So I pushed even harder and kept my board up on the surface just tapping the water with a high cadence. In my mind I wanted to look around and see where the others were, but I remembered this quote “Winners focus on winning & losers focus on winners.” “

~ Connor


Day Three: Technical Beach Racing


No Gold medals for Team Starboard on Day Three of racing, however, the team did bring back loads of medals and top spots. In the Women’s racing action, USA’s Fiona Wylde battled the world’s best to finish in 3rd place on the podium. In the men’s Lincoln Dews out paddled Starboard team rider Connor Baxter who finished in 2nd place behind the Aussie, while fellow team riders Daniel Hasulyo and Michael Booth finished in 4th and 5th places respectively.


Look out for more in-depth event reports with results and videos coming the next few days.

Picture Credits: Georgia Schofield for ICF/ Planet Canoe


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