The Krumlovsky Marathon is the biggest river marathon in the Czech Republic and is held on the top section of Vltava river. 1700 competitors racing in approximately 700 crafts divided into 32 categories took part in this years 2019 edition.

The race was originally founded in 2002 with SUP category being only added later in 2010 as a new discipline. The first year saw only 3 brave participants tackle this new challenge with all riders on the trusty Whopper 10′ X 35. Today, in 2019, the number of SUP boards has exploded and witnessed 200 paddleboards on the water. This represented more than 1/4 of the field across different types of crafts and as such that SUP has now become one of the most popular categories.

Among all the participants, you can find many current and ex-Olympians. For example, current Czech Rowing Representative and Olympic medalist Ondrej Synek participated in SUP Mega Board Category, while ex-World Rowing Champion Vaclav Chalupa participated in the iSUP category.



Paddleboarders race down the flowing river along the 25km course where they must pass or ‘shoot’ 6 weirs and one portage (run around) – approximately 200m long – where everybody can refresh. Top competitors don´t have time to stop here though.

To begin the race, paddlers must all line up on the riverbank, and when the gun signals the start of the race then everybody must run with their board and launch onto the water. The faster you can run and launch, the better for you, as a big crowd on the start is something you must count on. The race fields spread a bit after a few kilometres and you can enjoy the ride with beautiful scenery along the way, finishing in the old town of Cesky Krumlov.



Equipment is open up to 14´ boards. Top guys this year used the narrowest Starboard Sprint 14′ x 21.5″ which is suitable for experienced riders. If SUPer has some skill, he can ride over weirs with such board. Some training is well-recommended though. Competitors, who are not confident to shoot weirs have the option to run around, although this is a bit slower.

Race for SUPers takes 2-3 hours. Prize giving is in the evening, followed the concert of a local band named Akia. The frontman of the band is ex-Olympian in C1, Jakub Pruher. Now he races on C2 of course as well.

If you want to come, get info or see videos and photos this visit the event website at

Save the date for next year, the race will be held on October 10th, 2020. Remember to register on time as a limited number of competitors is one of the regulations for such an event.

See you there!

Questions direct to Patrik Hrdina, who helped to develop this race. Contact:



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