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The Foil Surf range was created and developed based on Clinton Filen’s extensive kitesurfing and surfing experience in Cape Town, South Africa. All the testing was performed with the support of Zane Schweitzer and the fine tuning technologies were then finalised in cooperation with the SUP team in Bangkok. All boards have been tested with both AK and Starboard foils, varying the wing sizes and shape as well as different mast heights. This allowed us to see how the boards performed with different foils and surf conditions.

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6’0″ x 21.5″  /  5’6″ x 21.5″  /  5’2″ x 20.25″  /  4’8″ x 19.25″




Thick Boxy Rail

Provides volume / buoyancy to ride a short board and makes it easier to paddle and catch waves. The thick tail provides extra strength against the force of the foil.

Full Outline

The wide nose makes it easier to paddle into waves as you can press down with your chest to get ahead of the wave. When up and flying, the wide nose reduces pitching and bounces back when touching down, making it more forgiving for prolonged foiling experience.

Tail’s Width

The tail’s width gives the rider more control and stability over the board when turning.

Parallel Rails

The straight parallel rails makes it comfortable to paddle.

The Rocker Line


The rocker is relatively flat throughout, with moderate nose rocker to avoid pitching and catching on touch downs. The slight tail kick to helps to pop up the board to get up and riding.

Foil Box

2 x 10” US boxes for mounting a top plate foil mast and provides flexibility to adjust the foil position based on rider preference, skill level and wave conditions. Starboard’s lightweight US box is 140g lighter than market standard boxes.

The foil box is positioned slightly further forwards as the boards get longer to accommodate balancing the extra swing weight.

Foil Box Position

6’0″ x 21.5″ – 31.5 cm

5’6″ x 21.5″ – 29 cm

5’2″ x 20.25″ – 26.5 cm

4’8″ x 19.25″ – 24 cm

(Measured from the tail of the board to the middle of the box)


NEW Starlite


• Scratch proof Parabolic Carbon Innegra rail.

• 3 x Glass T-stringers from the mid point forwards significantly increases strength against total breakage.

• A combination of different fiberglass densities wrap the entire hull for strength and durability.

• Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistant and rigidity.



6’0″ X 21.5″

Length: 6’0” / 183 cm

Width: 21.5” / 55 cm

Suited for smaller less steep waves and for heaver or less experienced riders. Suited for riders up to 95kg.

Available construction:

• Starlite


5’6″ x 21.5″

Length: 5’6” / 168 cm

Width: 21.5” / 55 cm

ersatile board, fast paddle speed yet still stable. Suited for riders up to 85kg.

Available construction:

• Starlite


5’2″ X 20.25″

Length: 5’2” / 157 cm

Width: 20.25” / 51 cm

More responsive and easier to maneuver in all types of conditions. Suited for riders up to 75kg.

Available construction:

• Starlite


4’8″ x 19.25″

Length: 4’8” / 142 cm

Width: 19.25” / 49 cm

Lowest volume option for lightweight and high skilled riders – Zane Schweitzer’s board of choice. Suited for riders up to 65kg.

Available construction:

• Starlite


Raul Delgado

Rider Feedback

“The range, in general, is surprisingly easy to paddle and to catch waves, thanks to the thicker rails and high volume of the boards. Even though initially intimidated by the short length, the boards proved to perform pretty well. The wider nose with rocker height gives you stability when touching down fast. The shorter version, especially the 5’2 and the 5’6 are more maneuverable and responsive when moving your gravity center. On the other hand, the 6’0 is easier to control, while not so sensitive to lift.”

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Ultimate Waterman

“With the Starboard Surfboard, I can get the closest feeling to flying with precise control and fluid maneuverability. Having the freedom to wrap smooth turns hands-free with a minimal board under your feet really enhances the feeling of the balanced flight we should feel riding a Hydrofoil.”

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Environmental Initiatives


For every board sold, we plant a mangrove in the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, absorbing one ton of CO2 over 20 years. Learn more >


Buy a board and we collect an equivalent of 200 plastic bags from beaches through our Plastic Offset Program. Learn more >


To explore more about Starboard's environmental initiatives, please visit our Blue website at


Model6'0" x 21.5" FOIL SURF 5’6" x 21.5" FOIL SURF5'2" x 20.25" FOIL SURF 4’8" x 19.25" FOIL SURF
Length (imperial)6'0" 5’6"5'2"4’8"
Length (cm)182.8 cm167.6 cm157.4 cm 142.2 cm
Width (imperial)21.5"21.5"20.25"19.25"
Width (cm)54.6 cm 54.6 cm 51.4 cm48.8 cm
Thickness (imperial)3.9" 3.7"3.3"2.9"
Thickness (cm)9.9 cm 9.3 cm8.3 cm 7.3 cm
Tail Width (Imperial)17.8"17.8"17"16.3"
Tail Width (cm)45.2 cm45.2 cm43.1 cm41.4 cm
Volume69 L59 L49 L36 L
Rider Weightup to 95 kgup to 85 kgup to 75 kgup to 65 kg
Fin Set UpFoilFoilFoilFoil
Fins10" Us Box10" Us Box10" Us Box10" Us Box
Weight Starlite5.10 kg (Est)4.74 kg (Av)4.10 kg (Av) 3.70 kg (Av)

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