Do you need an easy way to carry your SUP for longer distances? Here are our fool proof instructions for the ‘On The Head Carry’.

This technique is also known as the classic surfers carry style. It is ideal for longer walks, when your arms could easily get tired from carrying your SUP board under your arm. On longer walks, we also strongly recommend mixing it up and swapping between different techniques.


Step 1:

First, start with your board lying fins up on the ground. Go to the tail of the board and lift it up.


Step 2:

Next, slowly start to walk underneath the board, towards the centre and by placing hand over hand. Once you get to where the carry handle is located, your board should be pointing diagonally up into the air behind you.


Step 3:

Now comes the crucial part where you need to bend your knees to have a more stable stance and can then hoist the board up. If you are located underneath the middle of the board keeping your balance should be easy. You might need to make slight adjustments to the board position on your head till you find the exact balance point.


Step 4:

Finally, ask yourself does everything feel perfectly balanced? If yes, you are ready to start your walk.


This method to carry your SUP board is especially useful on windier days. Because the board is flat on your head there is less surface area that could catch the wind and throw you off balance.  This carry style is best for lighter SUP boards, as you will not want to put too much weight on your neck. We also recommend that you always try to carry some of the board’s weight with your hands even while it is on your head. This will also help to put less pressure on your head and neck, which could result in back pain especially during longer walks.


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