SUP Expedition Tip: Always Wear A Leash

World-renowned ultra distance SUP racer, explorer Starboard Team rider Bart de Zwart gives us this important safety-first SUP expedition tip: Always wear a leash!

So why wear a leash? The leash is the most essential piece of gear to have on before we get on the water for a stand up paddle boarding (SUP) paddle, whether it’s in the oceans, or on flat water lakes and dams.



1. Stay connected to your board

A leash keeps your body connect to the board at all times in any unexpected in any unexpected conditions.


2. Your board is a flotation raft

The board serves as a life raft in an emergency. The leash helps you to pull the board back to you and get back on easily.


3. Avoid injuring other surfers

Without a leash, you could easily lose control of your board in the surf – potentially harming others in the water like other surfers or bathers.


Leashes Save Lives! Always wear a leash!


Note: There are many types of leashes especially designed for each SUP discipline. For example, a lightweight bungee leash for recreational SUP,  heavy duty surf leash, coil race leash and river leash with a waist harness. Learn more about the different leash types here.

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