SUP tips on how to turn with the sweep stroke

Our best SUP tip for turning your board is the sweep stroke. Learn and perfect your technique with our instructions on how to turn with the sweep stroke.

Sup is a great way to explore your surroundings and exercise at the same time. With our Starboard SUP tips and ‘how to’ articles it is now even easier to learn and improve your technique.


SUP Tip ‘The Sweep Stroke’ :


Step 1:

When you are ready to start your turn you need to begin by having a wide stance and slightly bend your knees. This will give you more balance and help you stabilize the board during your turn.


Step 2:

To begin the turn you need to stretch forward and submerge the entire paddle blade in the water.


Step 3:

Now you need to commence the ‘sweeping motion’, this is what gives the name to this turn. Rather than drawing your paddle straight from the front towards the back of the board, parallel to it, like you would on a normal stroke. You need to use a wide arching movement as if you were drawing a half circle in the water next to your board. Again start at the front and circle (sweep) towards the back of the board.


Step 4:

If you sweep right your board will turn towards the left. If you sweep left your board will turn towards the right. Always keep sweeping into the same direction to turn your board 180, or even 360, degrees.


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