How To Do a SUP Yoga Headstand


How To Do a SUP Yoga Headstand with Kelly Huck

Equipment featured:

1. Find Calm & Flat Water

so it’s easy to practice


2. Use the Paddle Holder

to secure your paddle


3. Use the Top of Your head

and be in the centre of your board, at the handle


4. Make a Tripod Base

with your head and your hands on the board; elbows bent at 90° angle


5. Walk Feet in Towards Your Head

to stack your hips over your shoulders


6. Place Knees on Elbows

be sure to feel stable here before taking your legs up


7. Slowly Lift Your Legs Up


8. Be In The Middle Line

squeeze your legs and feet together to maintain stability and keep your balance


9. Lift Shoulders Up

and away from the board to take the weight off your head and neck


About Kelly

Kelly Huck from SoCal Paddle Yoga is a professional SUP yoga instructor with a floating yoga studio based at Lake Mission Viejo, Southern California.


Visit their website to learn more about learning SUP Yoga.